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Shelago's Artwerks

Shelagos Artwerks is now catering more than ever to the rockhound.  The custom jewelry made by renowned jewelry artist James Shelago is still the focal point of the gallery, but big additions are being made with the addition of slabs and cabochons for sale, both for lapidary and for decoration. Whether it is beautiful scenic jasper slabs on tripods for decoration or just a slab of turquoise so you can cut your own cabochon, they can now be purchased online.

Cabochons of turquoise, picture jasper and even opals can now be purchased for your own creations.

In addition, Shelagos is adding other exciting items to our gallery in the form of "Things made from Rocks!" Many of our artists are also working with rocks or making rocks the theme of some of their work.

Jims silversmith shop and lapidary is still on site so you can get the custom creations you are used to getting from the store, and you may still catch sight of him creating one of his one-of-a-kind creations out of stone and silver or gold.

Known for the wide variety of rare and beautiful stone and sterling jewelry, custom orders are still encouraged, and Jim is striving to get even more of the unique, one-of-a-kind and rare stones.

We still have a gallery as well, with photography, pottery, paintings, the popular gargoyles and more still plentiful. Artists like Miles Thompson with his unique gargoyles, James Lee and his southwestern paintings, Jerry Locke with his rock wall art, Indian drums, etc, still fill the walls at Shelagos Artwerks.

If you want custom service, high quality art and custom jewelry made from real Southwestern Turquoise at affordable prices, Shelagos Artwerks is the place for you!

Shelago's Artwerks USA
(480) 290 - 5158
13439 N Cave Creek Rd #3
Phoenix, AZ 85022