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Custom Silversmithing

Shelagos will cut a stone for you and then do the silversmithing, which is the final step in creating your custom piece of jewelry. James will consult and then draw out the piece for you so that it will be a special piece that only you will have. If you have your own cabochon or stone, Shelagos Artwerks may be able to use that stone if you like, providing the stone can be cut and polished in the appropriate manner. The silversmithing takes a much longer time than the cutting of the stone, so although you may watch from a safe distance, it is not often feasible to watch the entire process. Most items are completed within a two week period of time.

Custom Art from Artists

Most of our artists are more than happy to make a custom item for you in their venue. Discuss with Jim or Mimi what you would like and we will contact our artists and see if what you want can be done.

Shipping all over the world

We ship all over the US and to most foreign countries. We use an insured shipping company so that if your item is damaged or lost, you will be repaid for the amount you spent on the item.

Shelago's Artwerks USA
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